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I'm a photography buff who had been taking family pictures for years with my point and shoot camera.


In 2007 I took an Introduction to Digital Photography course at the Creative Center in New York City and that changed my life. 


Being happily retired, I have enjoyed a number of photography courses at both the Creative Center and University Settlement where I not only learned a lot but made a number of lasting friendships.  Also, living in Manhattan, I have had access to a variety of informative seminars and workshops offered by the two major camera stores in the city, B&H and Adorama.


As a member of the Sierra Photo Club, I attend monthly meetings where noted nature photographers lecture and present their inspiring images.  I’ve recently joined Professional Women Photographers (PWP), an organization dedicated to the advancement of women photographers.  PWP offers exhibitions, workshops and networking opportunities.  I particularly enjoy its monthly lecture series where successful photographers discuss their careers, artistic inspiration and technical choices.


My goal is to use this website to display my pictures for my family and friends to see and enjoy.

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