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Wenzel Summer Day Camp.png

As I am now retired, I have been able to more fully explore different genres of photography.  I enjoy street photography and nature; photographing landscapes and wild life.


In the past two years, I’ve become interested in portrait photography and enjoyed using my skills at Comic-con and Outlander conventions. 


Both venues are terrific opportunities to observe and shoot people dressed as their favorite characters and role-playing favorite scenes.


To me, there is an element of child-like play and imagination in these venues.  That is a theme that I enjoy exploring.  I love to photograph children at play.


I was inspired to make “Summer Day Camp” because of the setting and the two young girls in the picture.


The day camp was exactly what I would have wanted as a child – lots of everyday items to play and pretend with – lawn chairs, carts, buckets and water hoses – even an outdoor piano.


The two girls, plainly good friends, were thoroughly enjoying each other’s company and were having a great time.


Among other artists, the work of Helen Levitt and Dorothea Lange inspire me.


My works have been shown at:


Visual Diaries Exhibition – The Creative Center, New York, N. Y.

Urban Nature Exhibition – Sierra Club Photo Club, New York, N. Y.

In Pursuit of Nature Exhibition – Sierra Club Photo Club, New York, N. Y.  

Capture – Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center, New York, N. Y.

Local Color Exhibition – The University Settlement, New York, N. Y.


They are also held in private collections in New York and New Jersey.                  

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