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Wenzel - Reflections 72 dpi 500X500px.png

Since my retirement ten years ago, I have been able to more fully explore different types of photography.  I am drawn to street photography and nature, photographing landscapes and wild life.


I’ve recently become interested in the building of high-rise towers taking place all over Manhattan.  In particular, I’ve been photographing a 30-story tower under construction on the corner of my street on the Upper East Side.


When the Vessel opened recently in the Hudson Yards, I was eager to see it and experience the climb to the top. What impressed me most was the reflective nature of the material that encases it.  At every landing of its sixteen levels, the Vessel’s structure presents new images of its surroundings.


My image, Reflections, is inspired by that experience.


The work of Aaron Siskind and Berenice Abbott motivate me.


My works have been shown at:


Glimpses of Our World – Professional Women Photographers, N Y, N. Y.

Visual Diaries Exhibition – The Creative Center, New York, N. Y.

Urban Nature Exhibition – Sierra Club Photo Club, New York, N. Y.

In Pursuit of Nature Exhibition – Sierra Club Photo Club, New York, N. Y. 

Capture – Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center, New York, N. Y.

Local Color Exhibition – The University Settlement, New York, N. Y.


They are also held in private collections in New York and New Jersey.

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