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Leo, my new cat.

My cat, Leo
He really loves his toys

Leo needed a new home. His previous person was in a nursing home and had been for about a year. He had been alone in an apartment in Staten Island. The cat rescue, Anjellicle Cats, had sent someone to feed him twice a day. However, he had developed a serious problem with several of his teeth and they needed to come out. He couldn't be left alone anymore. I had been looking for a suitable new cat as my wonderful Tigger had crossed the Rainbow Bridge after being with me for 20 years.

He popped up at just the right time. I got him in mid-February, 2020. We both spent some time recuperating as I had minor ear surgery in mid-March. Several days later, the city went into complete shutdown due to the Coronavirus.

We don't know exactly how old he is - he could be anywhere from 8 - 13 years old. Somedays I think he must be no older than 8. He's curious and plays with his toys all day. He came with a large bag of plushy toys and will carry one around in his mouth, talking to it all the while. Then he'll spend a couple of days just stretched out and sleeping the day away.

He has been great company.


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